In this 2-day workshop, your leaders will identify and connect corporate values with their personal values and authentically pass them on to their teams. This provides for meaningful and empathetic teamwork within your company, ensures sustainable relationships with business partners and investors, as well as uniquely positions your brand as distinguished and relevant in the hearts and minds of your clients.

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Companies invest a lot of time and money in strategy development, leadership & employee training.

Yet, many employees do not reach their full potential to be at their best.

What is missing here and why?

  • Do you know your own, your company's, and your employees' WHY? Why are you doing what you're doing?
  • What inspires and motivates you as a leader? What inspires and motivates your employees?
  • What is the value you, your company, and your employees bring to the world? What difference do you make as a person and as a member of a unified organizational system in other people's lives?
  • How do you want to be perceived by others as an individual and as part of an organization?
  • Are your personal and your company value systems aligned? Are you striving for the same goals?

Employees often do not feel seen and valued in their roles.
It is that joint entrepreneurial thinking and acting, which shall be the breeding and empowering ground for a fulfilling work environment.


Leaders will:

  • Craft a meaningful personal vision 
  • Create awareness to contribute meaningful value to society 
  • Discover one's own value system 
  • Align the company's vision and value system with the leaders' and employees' personal vision and values.
  • Experience values-based leadership in everyday life

Ultimately, Leaders can:

  • contribute at their best
  • action and pass on corporate values authentically


  • Leaders who understand what value their employees can offer to their company are able to tap into the full potential of their employees.
  • Employees who feel empowered, needed, and valued for what and who they are, can embrace a more balanced and joyful life, ergo are healthier and more productive.
  • If employees are inspired and motivated and have a purpose that is aligned with the company's overall purpose and values, then the company will thrive. 

A bit more about me

Brigitte Bojkowszky, PH.D.
Global & Personal Branding Strategist

As a global branding strategist and personal branding guide, Brigitte empowers individual and organizational brands to unleash their full potential and shine authentically so that they can sustainably thrive.

Her track record of teaching global marketing management and branding topics for almost 20 years at universities around the globe and working with different global brands makes her an authority in this field.

As a head flight attendant early on in her career, she excelled in making customer experiences special and in leading multicultural teams, which she has been refining since then in academia and the private sector.

Moreover, she is a certified trainer in communication, conflict management, and leadership. She also received her Design Thinking Workshop certificate from Harvard University, which helps her coach her clients to create solutions by thinking out of the box.

As co-author of the international bestseller “Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most”, she reveals in her chapter 'My Pain Became My Purpose' how she got into her sweet spot of making brands shine.

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