Empower your leaders in a 2-day workshop
to fuse corporate and personal values, driving profound teamwork. 
Cultivate lasting partnerships and elevate your brand's distinction
for lasting client resonance.

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Uncover the Deeper Dimensions of Leadership,
Lasting Influence, and the Art of Achieving True Excellence through the Hidden Power of Values

  • Have you unveiled the profound 'why' behind your actions, as well as your company's and employees'? What drives your endeavors and shapes your collective purpose?
  • What fuels your leadership, driving both your passion and that of your team? How do you inspire and motivate as a leader, and what resonates with your employees?
  • What unique value do you, your organization, and your employees offer to the world? How does your collective presence create a positive impact in others' lives within the broader context of your organizational ecosystem?
  • How do you aspire to be perceived by others, both individually and as a representative of your organization? What image do you aim to cultivate and sustain?
  • Do your personal values harmonize with your company's ethos? Are your aspirations and ambitions in sync with the shared objectives of your organization?

Employees often do not feel seen and valued in their roles.
It is that joint entrepreneurial thinking and acting, which shall be the breeding and empowering ground for a fulfilling work environment.

Tita Boulger

Founder & Director
Peninsula School of Performing Arts

Thank you so much for guiding us! Thank you, Brigitte, for your two-day values workshop for my employees. It was fantastic to have each person describe their values and understand how they relate to our business. Learning strategies for making our clients feel needed by identifying and communicating our core values has helped our company grow. And, each employee feels appreciated knowing they have been part of the growth.


Why Choose Our Values Workshop?

  • Enhance Your Leadership: 

Dive into a transformative 2-day experience that empowers leaders to authentically transmit values, fostering empathetic and impactful teamwork.

  • Forge Stronger Connections: 

Build sustainable relationships with partners and investors, cultivated through insights gained from our workshop, ensuring lasting collaborations.

  • Elevate Your Brand:

Position your brand as a beacon of distinction, resonating deeply with clients, and carving an indelible mark in their hearts and minds.

What Awaits You:

  • In-Depth Exploration:  

Delve beyond the surface, unraveling the intricate interplay between corporate and personal values, leading to meaningful connections.

  •  Expert Facilitator: 

As a former corporate and academic I bring a wealth of experience to guide your leaders through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • Interactive Learning:

Engage in interactive sessions, group discussions, and immersive activities that foster a holistic learning environment.

Mag. Christian Prokopp

Organic Retail Chain

This workshop went beyond conventional training by skillfully incorporating real-life role scenarios that closely mirrored the challenges faced in our managers' day-to-day responsibilities. 
What truly set this experience apart was Brigitte's exceptional approach to leading with a unified set of values that resonated with each participant. 
The seminar not only established a strong connection to their everyday tasks but also presented the content in a vibrant and engaging manner. 
Our branch managers were not only enthusiastic about the training's practical relevance but also inspired by the alignment of their work with a shared set of values, making it an invaluable learning journey.

Elevate Your Brand's Future:
An Unmissable Workshop for Brilliance in Thriving!

  • Leaders who recognize the value their employees bring can unleash untapped potential within their company.
  • Nurturing employees who feel valued and empowered leads to enhanced well-being, balance, and increased productivity.
  • Aligning employees' inspiration, motivation, and purpose with the company's values propels both individuals and the organization toward unprecedented success. 
  • Synchronizing your company's values with employee aspirations builds a resilient foundation. In times of change, this alignment becomes your compass, guiding your organization through challenges seamlessly.
  • Valuing and empowering your employees creates a ripple effect. They become advocates, not just for your brand, but for a shared vision, driving loyalty and attracting like-minded talents.
  • A workforce aligned with a higher purpose fosters innovation. When employees are genuinely invested, they offer diverse perspectives that fuel creative solutions, driving your company to new heights.

A bit more about me

Brigitte Bojkowszky, PH.D.
Global & Personal Brand Identity Strategist

Brigitte empowers entrepreneurs and organizations to become future market leaders by transforming their ambitions and passion into an online brand that radiates beauty, brilliance, and authenticity, attracting the clients and recognition they deserve.

Her track record of teaching global marketing management and branding topics for more than 23 years at universities around the globe and working with different global brands makes her an authority in this field.

As a head flight attendant early on in her career, she excelled in making customer experiences special and in leading multicultural teams, which she has been refining since then in academia and the private sector.

She received her Design Thinking Certification from Harvard University and her Women's Entrepreneurship Certification from Cornell University.

Moreover, she is a certified trainer in communication, conflict management, and leadership.

As co-author of the international bestseller “Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most”, she reveals in her chapter 'My Pain Became My Purpose' how she got into her sweet spot of making brands shine.

Connect on LinkedIn by clicking my photo.

Take the next step by clicking below to schedule a personalized call.
Discover how our tailored program 'ELEVATE YOUR COMPANY'S IMPACT' can be
uniquely crafted to meet your needs.

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