Give Me 4 Days To Teach You The Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurial Branding With My 3-Step Branding Blueprint™

A Mini-Series For Future Market Leaders

  • 20 Min/Day Live Over 3 Days
  • JUNE 20-22, 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT
  • Interactive Q&A  
  • Plus Bonus




Begin your entrepreneurial journey with the right look and feel



I put this program together for future market leaders who crave a solid foundation in branding, guiding them through the fundamental principles and strategies needed to establish a compelling brand identity and set the stage for remarkable success.

Who is this exactly for?

If you have the heart of an entrepreneur, IGNITE YOUR BRAND is tailor-made for you.

Whether you're... 

  • an Employee yearning to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit or
  • a Newly-Minted Entrepreneur

...this mini-series is your compass for success.

It's for those who

  • find themselves lost in the vast realm of branding
  • lacking direction, a roadmap, or a solid plan to follow
  • are tired of feeling invisible, restricted by others, or trapped by your self-imposed limitations

IGNITE YOUR BRAND is here to help you break free and shine.

What can you expect from IGNITE YOUR BRAND?

Every single day of this exhilarating mini-series is packed with value. Here's a glimpse of the three main takeaways we'll cover:

In Day 1's Session, you'll get clarity:

A brand is more than a logo. What does this really mean?

  • Why you need a brand
  • Your brand serves as a guiding compass, aligning all aspects of your business and decision-making.
  • A well-defined brand helps build trust and credibility with your target audience. 
  • Establishing a strong brand creates a distinct identity that sets you apart from competitors. 

In Day 2's Session, you'll identify:

What is entrepreneurial branding?

  • Why you should know about the 3 essential steps of entrepreneurial branding 
  • Mindset - Claim your power with confidence
  • Personal Brand - Set the foundation of the brand called YOU
  • Company Brand - Connect with your clients' hearts

In Day 3's Session, you'll discover:

What makes the brand called YOU?

  • Why knowing yourself is essential for your entrepreneurial success
  • Authenticity breeds trust: Embracing your unique personality and values attracts like-minded individuals who resonate with your brand.
  • Building a personal brand legacy: Cultivating a strong personal brand allows you to leave a lasting impact and legacy in your industry.
  • Leveraging your strengths: Understanding your strengths and leveraging them strategically helps you stand out and excel in your entrepreneurial journey.

Ready to take the leap and IGNITE YOUR BRAND?

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"Brigitte is a star!

Her grasp of the intricacies of branding - from academic, to corporate to personal - is unique in this space. That breadth of understanding is vital for anyone who wants to design their brand, especially if they are a professional or working in a field where differentiation can make or break a career. Brigitte's multiculturalism brings a lot to the table as well; in a global, connected world, the nuances of culture cannot be underestimated, especially in DEI initiatives. Don't let her beautiful humility fool you, Brigitte is a next-level over-achiever!"

Ada Pia d'Errico
Investor | Entrepreneur | Advisor

"During my brand building, I had the privilege...

... of meeting the wonderful and adorable Brigitte who is talented in many ways. She always has a positive charisma and numerous ideas, individually tailored and on point to the company. She puts her heart and soul into it and burns for her passion - namely to help her clients to succeed and grow. Thank you dear Brigitte!"

Mahitab Khalifa Paruch, MD
Specialist in Skin and Venereal Diseases

 "It's truly a no-brainer to work with Brigitte... 

... to help you realize all that you can be. She is an expert, branding thought leader providing unique and personal insight, driven to help corporate trapped professionals find and embrace their brilliance so they can chart a new path forward. Bridget provides education and training in the area of personal branding while implementing best practices for her clients to overcome challenges while harnessing their talents. A remarkable human being who is wicked smart and a consummate professional. Brigitte truly SHINES!"

Jennifer Hocutt
Strategy Consultant | Fractional Integrator 
J.Hocutt Group

A bit about me

Brigitte Bojkowszky, PH.D.
Global & Personal Brand Strategist & Mentor

Brigitte empowers entrepreneurs and organizations to become future market leaders by transforming their ambitions and passion into an online brand that radiates beauty, brilliance, and authenticity, attracting the clients and recognition they deserve.

Her track record of teaching global marketing management and branding topics for more than 23 years at universities around the globe and working with different global brands makes her an authority in this field.

As a head flight attendant early on in her career, she excelled in making customer experiences special and in leading multicultural teams, which she has been refining since then in academia and the private sector.

She received her Design Thinking Certification from Harvard University and her Women's Entrepreneurship Certification from Cornell University.

Moreover, she is a certified trainer in communication, conflict management, and leadership.

As co-author of the international bestseller “Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most”, she reveals in her chapter 'My Pain Became My Purpose' how she got into her sweet spot of making brands shine.

Connect on LinkedIn by clicking my photo.

  • 20 Min/Day Live Over 3 Days 
  • JUNE 20-22, 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT
  • Interactive Q&A   
  • Plus Bonus

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