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I can help!

Instead of overthinking, you've already made a wise decision by looking for support! Yes, with the right support, you save time and money figuring out and doing it all on your own as well as forgoing opportunities for generating income.

Whether you’re looking to get consult on building, growing, or managing your brand or just want someone with 22 years of experience on branding strategies you can bounce strategic choices with or gives you feedback on the bazillion of ideas you have for your brand, I’d love to sit down and strategies with you!

After this Power Hour Branding Strategy Consult, you will leave empowered with confidence and clarity about your brand so that you can outshine others and win your customer's hearts and minds for years to come.


"Brigitte is a star! Her grasp of the intricacies of branding - from academic, to corporate to personal - is unique in this space. That breadth of understanding is vital for anyone who wants to design their brand, especially if they are a professional or working in a field where differentiation can make or break a career. Brigitte's multiculturalism brings a lot to the table as well; in a global, connected world, the nuances of culture cannot be underestimated, especially in DEI initiatives. Don't let her beautiful humility fool you, Brigitte is a next-level over-achiever!"

Ada Pia d'Errico
Investor | Entrepreneur | Advisor

"I have come to know Brigitte as a world-class brand builder who combines both theory and practice in helping global brands fulfill their true potential. Her knowledge, experience, and proven methods also translate very well to those of us who desire to build our personal brand--ensuring we too are successful in leveraging the power of branding to help us achieve our personal and professional goals. I highly recommend Brigitte to any growth-minded individual or organization who wants to be their very best."

Mark Mears
Chief Growth Officer
LEAF Growth Ventures

 "It's truly a no-brainer to work with Bridget to help you realize all that you can be. She is an expert, branding thought leader providing unique and personal insight, driven to help corporate trapped professionals find and embrace their brilliance so they can chart a new path forward. Bridget provides education and training in the area of personal branding while implementing best practices for her clients to overcome challenges while harnessing their talents. A remarkable human being who is wicked smart and a consummate professional. Bridget truly SHINES!"

Jennifer Hocutt
Strategy Consultant | Fractional Integrator
J.Hocutt Group

A bit about me

Brigitte Bojkowszky, PH.D

Hi, I'm Brigitte Bojkowszky
Global & Personal Branding Strategist

Creating and teaching courses as well as facilitating workshops, and training in global branding, marketing and management has been my passion for the last 20 years not only at universities around the world but also in and for companies.

At the beginning of 2020 life took its turn and pushed me into something I actually always wanted - to be my own boss. I got to experience firsthand what it feels like to transition from a corporate/institutional career to a business owner, with all its ups and downs, challenges, setbacks as well as senses of achievement and wins.

It was a journey of

  • discovering my authentic self,
  • defining and designing my own personal brand,
  • finding my sweet spot where I can be the best version of myself, and
  • allowing myself to shine unapologetically as well as
  • tying this into building, positioning, and communicating my company brand.

This is exactly what I've cast into my proprietary 3-step branding blueprint. It is my inner urge to share this with you to make your transition smoother and get to the other side more easily!

It would be my pleasure to help you get started to empower your brand with the right look and feel. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing those I work with shine brightly in their best version and make a difference in this world.

Own Your Awesome. You Deserve It. Let's Shine!

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